nba and college basketball handicappers



Making Basketball Profitable

All true professional handicappers specialize in one or two sports. Guys that tell you they are hitting high percents in all sports or guys trying to drive traffic to their 900 numbers and mass telemarketers are just not being honest, and that's the last thing you want in a handicapping service that you just invested money in. Here at Full-Court Press we concentrate on basketball handicapping only.

Being a successful sports handicapping service requires time, effort and resources. There simply are no short cuts or easy way outs for long-term success, the name of the game is being consistent week after week, year after year.

We use computer programs and sports handicapping software to sort through the endless data each day and then our 2 expert handicappers apply that to the situations at hand, as in examining all non-mathematical factors such as motivation, injuries, weather and other intangible elements.

To add to the integrity of our handicapping service we use two third party, unbiased sports monitor services to verify the picks we release to our members here at Full-Court Press. These two services include Cappers Monitor and Cappers Watchdog, both well established and respected in the sports betting industry.